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Schreyer Weapon Systems is a Class 3 (07/02) Dealer and Manufacturer located in Minnesota.

Schreyer Weapon Systems is the result of years of personal projects for friends and families. As most good business' it started as just a hobby

Jordan got his start with firearms at an early age. Playing "war" with his friends armed with sticks is one of his fondest memories. On his own armed with a lever action bb gun he took on the neighborhood, from squirrels and birds to junk car windows. Sorry pops! :)

From there it was just a matter of time before he was regularly shooting and modifying rimfire and centerfire weapons.

Now Jordan is busy building some of the highest quality firearms in the industry. From his beloved Kalashnikovs, and AR-15's to Silencers and everything in between, Jordan has got you covered.

Nothing better than a smile on a customers face. Our weapons do just that! 

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