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Ammunitions Warning
Only ammunition manufactured to SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute) specifications is reliable in SWS rifles. SWS recommends the use of high quality, domestically produced ammunition for best results and highest accuracy. For plinking and practice, we recommend only domestic, commercially manufactured ammunition. Please note: the use of hand-loaded ammunition voids the factory warranty. The use of all ammunition listed below also voids the warranty.
We have incurred feeding problems with the following: 
Israeli ammunition
Korean ammunition
Chilean ammunition
Portuguese ammunition
We have reviewed several reports, from several manufacturers', regarding problems using this ammunition. The problem appears to be the bullet contour and the overall length of the cartridge, which is contacting the rifling before firing. This is creating a gas port pressure and chamber pressure higher than recommended, therefore causing feeding and extraction problems due to the increased bolt carrier velocity. In addition, there is accelerated fatigue on internal parts. There are also indications that brass may be out of spec, which could create an unsafe condition.
South African produced surplus
We have used this ammunition in the past for testing purposes and found the brass is extremely soft and can "flow" into microscopic pores and grooves in the chamber creating "sticky" extraction. This has been reported in many types of rifles, but is more prevalent in semi-automatic weapons.
Lacquer Coated Ammunition or Steel-cased, lacquer coated ammunition
Silver Bear
Any steel-cased (coated or non-coated) ammunition
The problem with this ammunition is that the lacquer coating on the case. As the barrel heats up, the lacquer turns to a soft, varnish substance and upon cool down, becomes very solid and difficult to remove. This effectively creates an undersized chamber and creates understandable problems.
Your rifle is an investment and it only makes sense to choose quality ammunition for a quality rifle!

Three Year Limited Warranty
This Schreyer Weapon Systems firearm is warranted for three years from the date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship. All parts and labor or replacement at our option are covered.
Government fees, damage caused by failure to perform normal maintenance, sales outside the United States, damage due to high velocity, high pressure, reloaded, or other non-standard ammunition, or any unauthorized repair, modification, misuse, abuse, or alteration of the product is not covered by this limited warranty.
Any implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to one year from date of purchase. Consequential or incidental damages and/or expenses, or any other expenses are not covered by this warranty.
To obtain warranty performance send your firearm with proof of retail purchase, freight prepaid to:
Alterations & Modifications Warning
Altering or modifying parts is dangerous and will void the warranty. This Schreyer Weapon Systems rifle was manufactured to perform properly with the original parts as designed. It is your duty to make sure any parts you buy are made for this rifle and are installed correctly and that neither the originals nor the replacements are altered or changed. Your Schreyer Weapon Systems rifle is a complex precision tool with many parts that must relate correctly with other parts in order for proper and safe operation. Putting a rifle together wrong or with incorrect or modified parts can result in a damaged rifle, serious personal injury or death to you and others through malfunction. Always have a qualified & certified gunsmith work on your rifle.

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